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Diet and  Exercise Combo for Weight Reduction

Diet is something which is based upon the food that you consume to perform different activities. Exercise is related to your body fitness. These both are necessary to reduce your weight and maintain it for further enhancement.

The Role of Diet

Diet is the food we eat to fulfill our body needs, the hunger and the thirst needs. Some eat a lot, some eat less and some have a balanced diet. Diet is very important in the regard of weight reduction.

Some Famous Diets Along with the Exercises

There are many types of diets that one can opt for weight reduction. While having a diet plan, the person’s lifestyle, food preference, and medical status have been taken into account. The level of diet Adherence is typically based upon the clinical benefits for the person itself.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers provide different products related to weight loss and a restrictive method for calories burning. It includes the supportive environment, healthy habits, healthy food, and exercise. This is decided while knowing BMI of the person.

It is the best combination of exercise with all the other relating factors.in it, everything is based upon the certain numbers. People have to consume a supposed amount of food per day.

Atkins Diet

This type of diet has the carbohydrates restriction in a person’s diet. This is due to burning off extra stored fat in the body rather than the glucose. It initiates the body state of ketosis.

In this state of ketosis, the person’s body gets energy from the ketones that work as a hunger suppressor. In Atkins Diet, the daily consumption of carbs intake should not be greater than 40 grams in a day.


This diet plan may be allowed you to eat rich foods. It also provides the opportunity to reduce weight by the natural processing of the body. While in ketosis, the people feel less hungry and satisfied.


Ketosis causes breath odor. It also causes constipation. This diet may also lead to heart disease and bone loss. The most preferred source of energy is glucose and that is restricted in this diet. This is a low carbohydrate diet.

GM Diet

This type of diet has been coined by the General Motors for their employee’s fitness and weight reduction. It includes the low carbohydrates, high fiber, fruits, vegetables, tubers and so on. It also includes the fixed and required amount of protein intake.

The water consumption is high and alcohol avoidance is observed in this diet plan. This diet plan works according to the homeostatic balance.

This plan involves the fat burning by the deficiency of calories. The calorie intake is not stopped but its amount has been lessening due to a pattern adoption of this diet plan.

Regular exercise is also necessary to maintain the state of recovery in regard to weight loss management.  There is a change in hormone levels occurs in case of drastic dietary changes. It may include the leptin, that is a satiety hormone.

It is made up of fat cells and its functioning include the hunger suppression.  Another hormone named Ghrelin, it is secreted in gastrointestinal tract GIT. This is secret when one feels hungry and having an empty stomach. when a person’s stomach is empty and informs one they are hungry.

This diet is based upon the modification of hormone production that causes the satiating effect and ceases or control the hunger. Thus, eventually, it may lead to weight reduction.

Ornish Diet

This type of diet is based upon fat restriction. It includes the consumption of fiber in high amount and fat and vegetables in a low amount.

The Ornish diet is the best combination of diet and exercise to reduce weight. The main of this diet plan is that the focus is implemented on the number of calories consumed. How it is taken and when it is taken and also what amount of calorie has been consumed.

Recommended Foods for the Person to Eat

Beans, legumes, fruits, grains, and vegetables are allowed to eat.

Recommended Foods for the Person to Eat in Moderation

The person is allowed to intake Non-fat dairy products. It may include skim milk, nonfat yogurt, nonfat cheese, nonfat sour cream and also the egg whites not the yolk.

Recommended Foods for the Person to Avoid

The person has to avoid the meats of all kinds. If not able than can eat it but in less quantity. Oils and oil-related products should be avoided. The other may include the avocados, olives, nuts, seeds and dairy products.

Sugar and sugar-related products are not allowed to use. as like honey, corn syrup, high fructose syrup, and molasses. Also, avoid the Alcohol. The things that are not homemade, especially those that are the processed foods. As they carry the more fat in it.


It allows using the calories. It may swift the metabolism process within the body. It recommends exercise on regular basis along with the yoga and meditation.

This is the diet which actually carries the plus point of exercise inclusion along with the diet plan. It has been linked with a benefit of coronary blockage.

Disadvantages or Side Effects

It is somehow much restrictive, people mostly feel hungry and want to eat more food. But, in fact, they have to eat less calorie food. This is the main restriction of this diet plan.

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All in all, diet and exercise go hand in hand. They both work collaboratively to bring out the results. There are also infinite dietary supplements out there in the market.

They claim their product’s advantages, ingredients, professionals and the approval. But the fact, in reality, is that they are fake and provide an ambiguous information related to their product. People often try it and got confused by their bad and hope vanishing results.

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